Sant Ajaib Singh

The Message of Love

First Letter to His Western Devotees


Dear brothers and sisters in the West:


I send you Namaste and Love. Previously also I sent a message in the form of a tape recording, and it was that all brothers and sisters should be one and should meditate. Our Satguru, Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji, came into this world with the message of love, and He taught us to love. And even now we should work according to His message and teachings.


Everybody should have love for all and should meditate. We can see Him and receive His love even now, if we go in. He is all pervading - He is residing in everybody. Unless we have more love for Him, and a keen desire to meet Him, we can’t go in and see Him.


How can one love God if he or she is not loving His creation? One Saint says, “When a disciple meets a fellow disciple, both are happy and both bow down at each other’s feet.” This only is the Path of the bhaktas or devotees and this only is the true discipleship. But the Path is very sharp and smaller even than the size of a hair.


The Guru will not manifest where disciples do not respect each other. Saints say that the Guru will never be with those who do not have love and respect for others. So all we gurubhais [brothers and sisters in our Master] should love each other, and whenever we meet any initiate of our Master Kirpal we should be very happy to see him and should understand him as our own brother. If we are treating others badly, Master will never help us and He will never manifest within us, because our Satguru has taught us to love. Our Master Kirpal Singh Ji brought many communities and religions together on one level and one platform; can’t we brothers all sit together?


Why are we lacking in all this? Because we are not doing meditation and we have forgotten the Master’s message. Even now, those who are meditating are accepting the Master’s message and will. And they see Him.  What was the Master’s message? First of all, to “know thyself.” We can know ourselves only when we rise above the influence of mind and Maya; then only will we realize for ourselves who we are. We are one ray of God. Our soul is of the essence of the Oversoul. And when we experience this within us - that we are all souls and of the essence of the Oversoul - we see soul in everybody and we love everybody, understanding him as a soul and not the body. It doesn’t matter whether he is good or bad in nature - we have to love him, knowing that he is soul, and of the essence of the Oversoul, and that Master Kirpal is sitting in him.


It has come in my experience about Master Kirpal that He is the owner of all creation - that He is all pervading. In water there is Kirpal; on earth there is Kirpal. It was Kirpal, it will be Kirpal, it is Kirpal. Here is Kirpal; there is also Kirpal - that Kirpal Who gave salvation to our soul; that Kirpal Who has united us with our long-separated God, and even now Who is all pervading.


Those who are meditating can go and meet Him even today. And that Kirpal was never born; never died: and He was never in the cycle of birth and death. As long as there was Hukam [God’s Will], He worked while staying in the body, and only with Hukam He left the body. He comes in the body with Hukam and leaves it with Hukam. He disappears for those people who are not doing meditations, but He never disappears for those who are doing meditations and who are contacting Him. Why do I always praise Master Kirpal - and why am I so grateful to Him? Consider, that if one man loses some gold, and somebody helps him to get back the gold, with which he makes many buildings and does other things - whom do you think he will thank? Will he thank the gold? - or that man who helped him to get back his gold? In the same way, Master Kirpal Singh Ji united us back with the long-separated God; so I am always grateful to Him that He has united me and us with our long-separated God Who resides within. That is the reason why I am always grateful to Him.


He is the King of Kings - He is the donor - He is full of mercy, and He came down to be kind to us and to love us. Even now He is showering mercy and blessings and grace while residing in Sach Khand. He is merciful to everybody. There are no differences - He is above the pairs of opposites.


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