Baba Jaimal Singh

Letters to His Disciples

1878 - 1903



Gujja Singh came here on Saturday and remained here also on Sunday. He was anxiously waiting for you and had brought with him one hundred copies of Anurag Sagar, duly printed. Huzuri Pothi (Sar Bachan) has also been printed up to the thirty-third bachan and its preface will be sent to you shortly at Rawalpindi, as suggested by Chacha Ji (Seth Partap Singh).


He also agreed that it should be sent to Rawalpindi as early as possible and that it should not be written in the preface that Swami Ji had no Guru, and whatever is in the Hindi pothi should be translated verbatim and that nothing should be added or omitted. Kindly send a copy of your proposed preface to me as well as to Gujja Singh.


About the Dera, the position is this: If you wish a Satsang Ghar to be constructed, you should write to me and also send me a rough specification. Please note, however, that it should be at least sixty feet long and thirty feet wide. Apart from the cost of bricks, this will cost us about Rs. 2,500. If you wish to construct it, please let me know. Please also inform me in case it is not your intention to do so. Please continue to do your Bhajan and Simran every day, regularly, and note that you should not be sorry in pain or elated in pleasure. Both should be treated as His Will. Whatever Radha Swami Din Dayal does or will do, shall be for our benefit. You should have your inner self fully concentrated in Shabd Dhun, but carry on your worldly duties with your hands and feet.


I received a letter from Chacha Ji Maharaj (Seth Partap Singh) that I should give my consent for ten members of the Radha Swami Central Association to be formed there. I have replied that I shall not have anything to do with anybody who is not related to Swami Ji Din Dayal or who is not connected with His family. I have not recognized anybody else before nor shall I do it in the future. Then Chacha Ji Maharaj cancelled his order to endorse my consent for the ten members, with the remark that I have done the right thing. He mentioned that he only wanted to test my love and faith, which has been proved to him, and he is very happy.



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