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to know thyself

is discernment

simran is the

least we can do

hope is just another

word for despair

god is love, but

he is also discipline

yoga means union

the soul naturally

gravitates towards the

eye center

if you keep my

commandments, you

will love me is

also true

it is upon a

foundation of pure

living that we build

our house called


go within that house

and chant the name

of the lord

seva means service

before SELF

too much grace, and not enough effort, does not a satsangi make

there is only

one play; there is no

other play

Love is immediacy

chance and the fate

of thrown die,

render a heart's strings

ill-tuned, as a lyre

whose pitch strains to sing

bar bar means repeatedly;

simarana means prayer

even cattle jump the

queue, from time to time

the lord gives whatever

is asked of him

no learning,

no learning curve

make ego the head,

and humility the platter

love is upheld by devotion

 judith perkins, nina gitana and louise rivard have all paid obeisance to simarana, and for good reason, I would say

the vegetarian diet abstains from meat, fish and eggs

karma prolongs the agony, not the ecstasy

if you talk on a cell, use

the speakerphone

the master is the mission

everything is predicated

upon knowledge

we are meant to endure those tests god gives to us, all the way through, and until they reach their conclusion

the universe is the entirety of creation, as personified

by the shabd guru

kal controls what he can, through the minds of the many

saints seek seekers

the job, let alone job description, of true guru is not for the faint of heart

sometimes intelligence

carries the day

the body is a memory of this lifetime

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