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The Path

The message of the saints remains the same ­- exchange the remembrance of the world with the remembrance of God. Repeat the Names, but do so with conscious attention.

They should not repeat the Names dumb-­like, parrot­-like. Kirpal Singh


My Submission


The repetition of the Five charged words requires careful and conscious attention.


We people don't pay much attention to Simran. That's why we spend our whole life in doing it and still remain far away from perfection. We people do Simran for ten minutes and then give up for many minutes, and again we do, and again we give up. Sometimes we forget Simran for many hours, and sometimes we don't remember Simran even for many days. It is only because of this that we are not able to perfect our Simran. Sant Ji


Again Simran must be done slowly and the Words are to be repeated or thought out with clarity. Kirpal Singh




If we have completed Simran correctly even once, we begin to grasp the task at hand, and the way ahead.


If you remember the Lord in meditation for a moment, even for an instant, then your life will become fruitful and prosperous. Guru Arjan


The Way of the Satsangi

How do we fulfill Master's exhortation that this is indeed a precious human birth; that we should not waste even a moment in idle thought, talk or deed.


Saints do not waste even a single minute but keep their attention fixed either in Simran or in Dhyan or in Dhun. Baba Sawan Singh

My Submission


Our journey begins at the eye center.


For this one hour we should keep our attention concentrated at the Eye Center because this is where our journey begins. Sant Ji


It is at the eye center that we must endeavour, for the Simran of the Lord does not fall beneath the third eye.


And these names reside at the Eye Center, as God does not enter beneath the Third Eye. Kirpal Singh


Thus, some effort or determination is required on behalf of the satsangi, we who are not accustomed to placing our attention at the third eye.


You see that it is very difficult to concentrate and contemplate on the Form of the Master because He does not go below the Eye Center. Sant Ji




Masters say, develop concentration at the eye center, for this is where the journey or process begins.


The long process begins with concentration at the seat of the soul in the body, situated just between and behind the two eyebrows, where mental Simran is done in full earnest. Kirpal Singh



Love is remembrance; and greater than love is discipline, or continued remembrance.


So greater than love is obedience, mind that: greater than love is obedience. Kirpal Singh

My Submission


Love remembers Shabd, and discipline continues to remember Shabd.


The need of the hour is discipline and love. Sant Ji


The act of remembrance begins as love and continues as self-surrender, or discipline.


Absolute love and self-surrender are only other aspects of complete and flawless concentration. Kirpal Singh


Baba Jaimal Singh was extremely pleased and replied that such self-surrender was indeed the highest karni, or discipline. Kirpal Singh


Thus, we are enjoined to concentrate the attention.


That method is the same as all Saints use, which is simply the concentrated attention, held firmly at the given center. Baba Sawan Singh



Remember God, and greater still, continue to remember God.


But if we paid attention to Simran, and if we did Simran constantly, then we could perfect it in no time. Sant Ji


Simran and Dhyan

We observe the Dhyan of the Master only by repeating the Simran of the Master.


We can concentrate on the Form of the Master only by contemplating on the Form of the Master. Guru Arjan

My Submission


Dhyan is concentration; Simran develops concentration.


Simran and Dhyan; constant remembrance and concentration. Kirpal Singh



The Dhyan of the Lord is built up by the Simran of the Lord.


When you do Simran of your Guru, then you are doing Dhyan of your Guru. Sant Ji


If we do Simran lovingly and affectionately, then without visualizing the form of the Master, the Form itself will come there and start dwelling within us. Sant Ji



Saints and Mahatmas tell us, the attention is our most precious faculty.


Surat is the most precious of man's inherited faculties - the priceless jewel of immense virtue. Kirpal Singh

My Submission


As long as the attention remains at the eye center, it continues to gain in strength.


So long as the attention is at the eye focus, it is filling. Baba Sawan Singh


However, when the attention or surat falls below the eye center, it begins to diminish in strength.


But when the attention is running below the eye focus, it is leaking. And the lower the attention below the focus, the faster it is leaking. Baba Sawan Singh


With the Simran of the Five charged names, the surat remains affixed at the third eye.


Even when you are not meditating you should try to keep your attention at the eye centre and you should try to do Simran, because when we allow our attention to drop down from the eye centre we lose a lot of our spiritual energy. Sant Ji



To gather the wealth of Naam, repeat the Simran of the perfect Master.


The Simran of five Names with concentration of Surat continuously and without a break or pause, grants all powers. Kirpal Singh


The Will of God

The will of God is difficult to accept.


It is easy to speak and talk, but it is difficult to accept Your Will. Guru Arjan

My Submission


In remembrance, we abide by the will of the Lord.


Twenty-four hours a day, they are lovingly absorbed in the One Lord; they surrender and accept the Will of the Infinite Lord. Guru Arjan



Saints and Mahatmas tell us, remember the Lord God; do not forget Him even for a moment.


The self-willed manmukhs do not remember the Naam. Guru Amar Das


The purpose of advising the dear ones to do the Simran all the time, whether they are sleeping or awake, whether they are walking, talking, or doing anything - such strong advice for doing non-stop Simran - the purpose is that the dear ones should do so much Simran that in every single breath the remembrance of the Master dwells. Sant Ji

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