the philosophy of everythingcoin is that it is universal, global, local and individual

it reflects the nature of the world we live in - capitalistic, socialistic, inclusive, exclusive, positive, negative, and everything else associated with life

everythingcoin can help connect these disparate ways of thinking, and serve as a bridge between the wedges that divide humanity


whatever your background, inclination, dreams - everythingcoin is for everyone

start today, request everythingcoin, it's free

tell us your philosophy about the coin, and what it represents to you...the better the tell, the more coins we'll send you

we'll also post (anonymously of course) the tells and the coin amounts, if you would like, because we want people to think about the importance of how much we all have in common, vs our differences

the more everythingcoin circulates, the more unified we become; a true win - win and a token of appreciation

everything coin is an erc20 token built on the ethereum blockchain

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